Latvia sun issues II, III, IV, proofs
part 2 of 2 - not on labels

In addition to proofs on multicoloured labels, shown on the previous page, there are proofs on porous beige-coloured paper, smooth beige paper, chalky white paper, and honeycomb watermarked paper. Issue IV was printed on honeycomb watermark paper, so these last proofs may be considered proofs specifically for issue IV.

These three sun issues, II, III, and IV, are known as type II sun design stamps. The first sun issue stamp, the 5 kap. printed on map paper in Riga, showed 3 twigs on the right and left branches at the bottom of the design. This is type I. On type II, the left branch at the bottom has 4 twigs.

As Andrejs Petrevics[†] noted ["Proofs of Early Latvian Stamps, Latvian Collector, #30, June-October 1980, pp26-31.] the Gottlieb D. Meyer printing plant in Liepāja was a small local printery. In the chaotic wartime conditions there was insufficient state supervision of stamp preparation, and individuals removed proofs, essays, and defective stamps without authorization.

The Meyer plant, established in 1824, printed newspapers and other material, and specialized in labels for soft drink and beer bottles. Many catalogues call these etiquettes. Meyer printed proofs on the backs of these labels.

In 1921, after the War of Liberation, the government State Printing Works in Riga did all government printing, including stamps. Strict control measures eliminated virtually all the leakage of proofs.

Proofs in black on white chalky paper

3, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50, 75 kap. [images of 5, 10 kap. needed].
Janis Ronis[†] did not trust these proofs. The 25 kap. has an Arvid Rucins[†] expertising mark on the back.

Proofs on porous beige paper

3, 15, 20, 75 kap. in black on porous beige paper
[images of 5, 10, 35, 35, 50 kap. needed].


20 kap. and 15 kap. in black on porous beige paper.

15 kap. double-print in green on porous beige paper.

Proofs on smooth beige paper

25 kap. in red, orange, and brown on smooth beige paper.

Proofs on honeycomb watermark paper [as on 4th sun issue]

5 kap. orange; 75 kap. green frame; 75 kap. lilac frame; 75 kap. lilac frame and red orange centre, se-tenant with 75 kap. brown. On these proofs the lozenge watermark is vertical, as on issued stamps. The 5 kap. orange is not catalogued.

75 kap. purple and orange; (75 kap.) double-printed orange centre. On these proofs the lozenge watermark is horizontal.

Please provide colour scans or photocopies of other proofs and full proof labels.

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