Latvian map stamps - printing proofs

The known proofs of map stamps are in one colour, either black or red. They appear on German military maps, on the unprinted backs of coloured labels, and on beige paper.
   Some proofs on map paper are vertical with respect to the map, as in the sheets later printed; others are horizontal with respect to the map, and called reprints in specialized catalogues. There is no evidence that these are reprints, nor that reprints were ever produced.
   There are no known postal archives for these stamps. Some examples of proofs are probably printers' waste

The black prints include

— clear black print on beige paper;
— crude black double-print on sideways map [shown on Q17 Ponedele];
— crude black print on vertical map [shown on Q17 Ponedele];
— clear black print on map [not shown].

The red prints include


— red print on the back of coloured label paper [we thank Harry Kalnins of Australia for the illustration]; catalogues report A.K. Wolfschmidt labels without illustrating them; in this example the second word in black Cyrillic text is Company; the English for the other words is not yet known.


— red print on both sides of map [U19 Braßlaw]; the map is upside-down with respect to the stamps printed on its blank back; the stamps on the map front are in the same direction as the map.

— red print on map side of map, map back unprinted [no illustration yet available];

— red double-print in opposite directions from one another, known only on map H14 Strandhof; the coastal town Paulshafen in Latvian is Pavilosta; most examples of this double-print have the back unprinted, because most of map H14 showed only sea areas with no printing on them; map H14 is not known with regularly-printed stamps


— red double-print, same direction and baseline as one another, on sideways map [shown on R17 Oknißta];


— red double-print, same direction as one another, but different baselines, on sideways map;


— red double-print, opposite directions from one another, on sideways map;


— red double-print, one horizontal, one vertical.

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