Latvia map stamps - mixed map types

About 25% of the maps used for printing Latvian stamps show two different map styles. It is easy to distinguish these on a full map or large block of stamps, but very difficult on single stamps. Fewer than 1% of map stamps show two types.

Mixed types Ia and Ib

Found on maps Q14, Q15, S15, S16, T17, T18, and T19.

T18 Dünaburg, mixed types Ia and Ib, block of 4x2; jpeg @ 80%.

Mixed types Ia and IIa

Found on maps P19, Q18, Q19, R18, S18, and probably N19. Most copies of R18 show only type IIa and most copies of S18 show only type Ia. If you have a copy of map N19, please let us know. In the example below Type Ia is on the left; Type IIa, on the right, had not yet been redrawn in Type Ia style before this edition of the map was printed.

Q18 Kupischki, mixed type Ia and IIa, block of 8x2; jpeg @ 80%.

P19 Ponewiesz, mixed type IIa and Ia, block of 4x2; jpeg @ 80%.

Mixed types Ia and IIb

Found on maps K18 and L18.

L18 Łukniki, mixed type Ia and IIb, part of block of 9x4, heavy gum; jpeg @ 60%.

Mixed types Ia and III

From maps H14, N13, N14, O13, and O14.

N14 Schlok, mixed types III and Ia, block of 4, jpeg @ 80%.

Mixed types Ia and IV

Found on maps H16 and H17.

H17 Dorbiany, mixed types IV and Ia, block of 4, stamps have CDS RIGA. * 31 12 18 a LATWIJA; jpeg @ 80%

Caution - types Ia and III on block of 2x4, not mixed map.

Mixed maps are stamps showing two cartographic types within the map. These do not include type III from unprinted map margins.

P13 Wrangasch, block of 4x2, showing type Ia map with type III stamps in unprinted map margins; not a mixed map; jpeg @ 80%. This example shows clear brushstrokes from applying gum.

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