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There are many abbreviations on the German WWI military maps used for Latvia's first postage stamps. This list, produced in December 2002, is incomplete.

B.H. of Bhf. Bhf. on map H17 Bahnhof railroad station
Brau.   Brauerie brewery
Br.   Brunnen well
Brn.   Brennerei distillery
Brenu.   ? unknown
D.M.   Dampfmühle water mill
F.   Fähre ferry
F.   Försterei forest warden's lodge
Fbr.   Fabrik factory
Ft.   Furt ford [over water]
Khf.   Kirchhof churchyard
K.O.   Kalkofen lime kiln
Kr. Kr. on map H16 Krug inn, pub
M.   Mühle mill
(M.)   Mühle mill visible from a long distance
O.F.   Overförsterei head forester
Schl.   Schloss palace
Schp.   Schuppen shed[s]?
S.W. S,W, ib nao M17 Sägewerk (electrisch od. Dampf)  
T.O.   Teerofen tar over
Vw. Vw. on map K16 Vorwerk outlying estate
W.F. or Wf. W.F. on map L17 Wagenfähre wagon ferry
W.W. or Ww Ww. on map H16 Waldwärter woodskeeper
Zgl. Zgl. on map M17 Ziegelei brickworks



Some German words found on the maps are essential for understanding them. This list is incomplete.

  words within map

Gut Gut, map K16 estate

  words in lower margin map key

Eisenbahnen   railroads
Schritt   steps
Straßen   streets
Wege   paths



Some of these may not appear on these maps. When this is clear, we will delete them from this list. We hope to insert the appropriate graphical symbols in the near future.

  deciduous forest
  coniferous forest
  mixed forest
  bushes and cultivated areas
  moorland and wasteland
  sand or gravel
  wet land
  tree nursery


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