Latvia map stamps - gum

The gum on map stamps is usually uncoloured, but sometimes yellowish to brown. The gum is sometimes thick and brushstrokes are often visible. Some sheets were delivered without gum. Some sheets were probably gummed locally.

Uncoloured gum

S15 Kreuzburg, block of 4, creased, uncoloured gum. Small bubbles, brush strokes, and fingerprints are visible in the enlargement, 200 dpi, jpg @ 80%.

Pale yellow smooth gum

N17 Janiszki, block of 4, very smooth pale yellow gum. Brushstrokes are visible in enlargement, 200 dpi jpg @ 80%.

Pale yellow gum

O14 Riga, block of 4, pale yellow gum, horizontal brushstrokes, bubbly and thick at sheet edge; enlargement, 200 dpi, jpg @ 80%.

Thick yellow brown gum

T19 Dryswjaty, block of 4, thick yellowish brown gum, enlarged, 200 dpi, jpg @ 80%.

Light brown gum

U18 Kraslawka, block of 3x2, light brown gum, vertical brushstrokes, type Ia map, enlarged, 200 dpi, jpg @ 80%.

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