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cover from map P17

Cover made from 1/4 of map P17 Birże, Riga CDS 18 12 19, sent to Hamburg, Germany. This was one month after the first anniversary of Latvia's declaration of independence, 18 11 1918. The 35 kop postage was correct for foreign mail. Two flaps are folded over to show the map.

cover from map O16

Cover made from 1/4 of map O16. Bausk. Riga CDS 29 1 20, sent locally [Šeit = here]. The 1 Rub 75 kop postage overpaid the local rate of 25 kop. The set of four Kurzeme liberation stamps was issued between 16 12 1919 and 05 01 1920 to commemorate the defeat of the Bermondt-Avalov forces in Kurzeme. Top flap folded to show map.

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