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baltic stamps(previously Steve Kowalski's Baltic States Philatelic Pages)
Extensive links for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Central Lithuania [Litwa Srodkowa], and Memel, including literature, societies, collectors, and news. Redesigned in July 2013. Produced in the USA.

The Estonian Philatelist
Strictly Estonian philately, and probably the best Baltic States philatelic site. It includes an excellent specialized catalogue of the Estonian stamps from 1918 to 1941. Produced in Sweden.

Latvian Philately by Juris Mors
Excellent information on Latvian provisional postmarks, travelling post offices, machine cancellations, standard postmarks, and temporary postmarks. Produced in Sweden.

Vasaris, Philately of Lithuania
Discontinued. Domain name for sale.

Atis Blakis, Latvian Stamps
An illustrated catalogue of Latvian stamps, new in 2001. Produced in the USA. URL change on 2003 Dec 07. No recent update.

Latvijas Pasts
Latvia Post. Select the language English from LV | EN on the left side. Images of stamps issed from 1918 to 1940 are no longer available. Produced in Latvia.

The American Philatelic Society
Has a web-based stamp store and an extensive philatelic library. Produced in the USA.

eBay Auctions
These include many illustrated lots of Latvian and other Baltic philatelic material, from the ordinary to the unusual or rare. Unfortunately many forged stamps and fake covers are sold as genuine.

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