Latvian Collecting

Laimons Boćka [†], 1923-2008

Laimons Boćka was born on June 10, 1923 in Riga. Starting from a very early age Laimons' employment duties were related to postal affairs. He worked as a trainee in the Madona post office and later in the main post office in Riga, where he took a more significant position. From his first days of employment, and probably before, Laimons developed his interest for collecting stamps and related material, and became one of the foremost experts in philately of Baltic States and Livonia.

In 1943 Laimons was enlisted in German army forces where he served as a correspondence clerk for antiaircraft artillery. In the later days of the war, due to his rather extensive experience and vast capacity and ability to speak German very fluently and read antique Gothic font, Laimons was promoted and single handedly replaced a team of four correspondence clerks.

In 1944 Laimons had to leave Latvia and engage in Russian territory with German army forces, remaining for 11 months. In May 1945 he was a war captive in Russia. In August of 1946 he managed to return to Madona.

In October 18, 1948 Laimons married Lucija Boćka and from 1949 to 1952 they build their Madona home. Working in Madona, Laimons reached a managerial position in the chancellery. He continued to work long after his retirement in 1983. After 1990 he became chairman of the Madona commission of citizen affairs, where he facilitated the restitution of property lost in wartime by inhabitants of Madona and nearby regions.

Laimons has been an invaluable member of the Baltic States and Livonian philatelic communities, and to a lesser degree in other regions. He was also an invaluable member of the Madona commission of citizen affairs where, thanks to his work, many property holders were able to retrieve their property which was confiscated during wartime. He was also invaluable to his family, who will always remember Laimons fondly.

[With thanks to Ronalds, grandson of Laimons Boćka, for kindly providing these details.]

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